Neal cuevas

Officer Cuevas is a City of North Niami veteran. He began his career at just 21 yeras old . He holds the longest tenure of years served as an officer with the City of North Miami. Seargent Cuevas has served on the board since 2006.


General Employee Rep.

Tom positano

Mr. Positano has served as a memeber of the board since 2002.


Secretary , Public Works Rep.

Rick cade

Rick Cade is the Public Works Operation Chief and has worked for the City in the Public Works Department since 1988. He takes pride in managing the Storm water, Streets and Building Maintenance Divisions. He is a Certified Public Pension Trustee and has been on the Board since 2008.



Vice Chairman, General Employee Rep.

Ernie ramos

Mr. Ramos has served on the board since 2014.


Non-Public Works Rep.

Laura Van de Van

Mrs. Van de Van is a veteran employee with the City of North Miami. She has 26 years of devoted service and, 23 ½ with Parks and Recreation. She began with the Police Dept. in records and moved to Parks and Recreation in 1996. Mrs. Van de Van was elected to the board in 2015 and completed the Certified Public Pension Trustee program in October 2016.


Designate to the City Manager

Christine carney

Mrs. Carney has served as a Trustee since 2019.


Finance director

Miaguel Augustin

Mr. Augustin has served as a Trustee since 2015.


Personnel director

Joe Roglieri

Joseph Roglieri, Jr., is the Personnel Director for the City of North Miami. Prior to joining the City of North Miami, Mr. Roglieri served as the Human Resources Manager for the City of Hollywood, Florida. With over 30 years in Human Resources Management, Mr. Roglieri serves as the chief negotiator for labor relations and oversees all other areas of the Personnel department for the City. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Florida and a Master of Science in Public Administration from Florida State University. He is a Certified Public Pension Trustee and has served as the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary for the local chapter of the International Personnel Management Association.



carlos g
margaret steele

Vacant , Vice Chairman








Jeff Geimer,  Alternate to Positano

Jeff Geimer began serving as a Trustee in 2014.







Carlos Garcia, Alternate to Cade

Carlos “Charlie” Garcia is an alternate to Rick Cade on the Clair T Singerman Pension Board. He has been employed with the City of North Miami for 22 years. He is the Utility Superintendent overseeing the streets and stormwater departments. Carlos worked his way up through the ranks with hard work and commitment to his trade! In his spare time he is the varsity baseball coach at Miami Beach Senior High school. Carlos Garcia is a Certified Public Pension Trustee and began serving in 2017.




Stephanie Thomas, Alternate to Ramos

Stephanie Thomas  began serving as a Trustee in 2020.







Lola Heasley, Alternate to Van de Ven

Lola Heasley  began serving as a Trustee in 2018.







Vacant , Alternate to City Manager Designate 

This position is currently Vacant .







Margaret Steele Miller, Alternate to Finanace Director

Margaret Steele Miller began serving as a Trustee in 2016.






Paola Pierre, Alternate to Personnel Director 

Paola Pierre serves as the Assistant Personnel Director of the City of North Miami since December 2015. She is a human services and relationship specialist, among other responsibilities, she coordinates, develops, organizes and implements personnel programs. She is a Certified Public Pension Trustee and has been on the Board since 2016 as an alternate.

Ms. Pierre received her Master degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management along with a graduate certificate of Accounting from the University of Phoenix, her Bachelor degree in Human Resources Management from Trinity International University, and an Associate Degree from Miami Dade College.







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